From the President

Rules for Personal Health Protection
During the Covid 19 outbreak you are required to comply with all government and local body requirements.
When in the workshop/club facilities:
Wash hands with hot soapy water regularly
Wipe down kitchen and bathroom surfaces with disinfectant before leaving
If physical distancing is required then ensure this requirement is met at all time
Ensure you are aware of both local and central government requirements at all times.

Follow all Health and safety rules while working in the workshop.
Make sure the cups and plates are washed and hot soapy water NOT just rinsed and returned to the cupboard.
Appliances to be wiped down thoroughly after use.

Contact Tracing
If you have entered the workshop at any time please fill in the attendance register so that Contract Tracing obligations can be met.

30 Year Celebrations.

This year we are celebrating our 30 year anniversary. Our history is recorded in greater detail on the Home page of our website We started as a carving group and began in our present form in June 1990.

We will celebrate our Anniversary in October or early November. The programme for the day is still being developed and we would welcome suggestions for what we do that day. We would also appreciate help from members to research and organise the day. Just contact me or any committee member.

We plan to invite past members to join us.



This year the NAW AGM is in Rotorua. It will be confirmed next week if it is still being held 6th June or delayed. We encourage our Waikato members to go and we will be taking either a van or several cars. Please let me know if you are interested in joining us.

NAW  Website.

The National association has a very good Website at

There is lot of good information & links to other clubs.

The NAW Facebook is also very good and you will find inspiring ideas from members  comments and photos.

If you are on Facebook, here is the link to sign in.

The National Association of Woodworkers NZ Inc (NAW)

6th May 2020

Dear Members.

AS we enter Level 3 the committee and I are concerned as to what might happen to you over this period. I am relieved to say at this stage we are unaware of anyone becoming ill from Covid. This is a great relief when you consider the consequences for our older members. If you are sick in anyway, please let us know. We are here to support you if you need help.

Last night the committee had another ZOOM meeting and decided to NOT have a club meeting this month and to defer the Demo day to, hopefully, the end of June.

We hope you are well and are finishing projects around the home or in the workshop during the lockdown period.

We look forward to seeing you soon at some of the Club Events.


Grant Taylor.



Workshop Use.

The club workshop is still closed. When Level 2 is confirmed, group sessions will be at the discretion of the group leader to organise with each group member. Of course, you will still need to follow government guidelines and take care of your health and wellbeing. There will be hand sanitiser in the workshop and in the kitchen for members to use.


Workshop Safety procedures have been revised according to Level 2 requirements (see left column). If you wish to clarify anything, please discuss this with your group leader or a committee member.


Demo Day.

Fred Irvine & Roger Dean are getting organised to demonstrate four projects and from what they have told me about the demonstrations, they will intrigue, stimulate & educate us. Over lunch there will be a chance to swap or sell surplus tools. We are still hoping that this day will be held 27th June.


Club Meeting.

Although we have cancelled the May club meeting, we are hopeful that we can meet in June. There will be NO demonstrator but we want to see and hear about your projects during lockdown. Bring a plate as we want the meeting to be a good social night. Over the last month we have drawn up some plans of how new clubrooms might look. These will be shown and a brief explanation given.


Kauri Plantation.

The visit to the Kauri Plantation at the Lower Kaimai’s is still planned for some time in the next 3 months. The Kauri plantation is a collection of approx. 15 different Kauri trees from over the Pacific. The collection is over 200 trees and is unique to NZ.


Member Workshop Visits.

Hopefully in September we will be visiting some of the members workshops.


Fortnightly Challenge competitions.

We remind you to give the challenge competition a try and email your photos and description to Rodney.   [email protected]



Our website has been updated and we encourage you to visit regularly. There are some very good articles, photos and a calendar of events. If you would like to contribute to the Member Feature, please contact John Denny   [email protected]



If you are like many of us, still learning about how to use Facebook, our first suggestion would be, just get into the site and EXPLORE. If you are not a Facebook user, it is still easy.

  1. Go into our Website
  2. At the top of the pagein the menu bar is the Facebook tab, click it and it will take you straight to our club Facebook page.
  3. Push the tabs/buttons and explore.
  4. We encourage you all to regularly share your photos of recent projects. Either place them on the Facebook Post site or send them to John Denny, Vicki Hill or myself.
  5. We want all our members to join our Facebook page, either you can join directly or with Vicki’s help.   [email protected]


If you have suggestions where we can get some timber for wig-stand making, please let the committee know. If you have some made, drop them into the club when you can or contact us.