Our passion is to create memorable items from the wide range of both native and exotic timbers available in New Zealand, and to share our skills with others such as yourself.

Membership benefits

We extend a warm welcome to anyone interested in joining our classes in wood turning or carving. You can be either experienced or a beginner, male or female. Our tutors will support you so that you can enjoy this ancient and rewarding craft. Classes for experienced turners and carvers run from early February to early December each year. They cost $5.00 a session.

Our purpose built workshop contains five lathes and workbenches, assorted turning tools and accessories, a bandsaw, pedestal drill press, and specialist chisel sharpening equipment.

The Guild meets regularly on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7.00 pm at the Hall. This is a valuable opportunity to observe demonstrations from seasoned turners and carvers and to socialise and consult with other members.

Our website and monthly newsletter contain information about forthcoming events such as demonstration days, visits to places of interest to wood turners and major events such as tours and jamborees.

The Guild also has an extensive library which can be accessed at any time for self issue. A full catalogue is available on our website wgwlibrary


If you are a newcomer you will be invited to attend a trial session where our tutors will instruct you in the correct use of the lathes and chisels. There is a mandatory health and safety system in place and you are advised to wear shoes or lace up runners. You will continue to be supervised until deemed competent to use the equipment safely including the bandsaw, drill press and sharpening system. Suitable wood is available from our woodstore


The first five introductory classes will have tutors present to ensure your safety and to help you acquire the necessary skills of turning without delay. Evening classes are held for three hours at a time from 6 pm until 9 pm with a tea break (supplies provided). Time changes can be negotiated with the tutor.


Those learning to turn will have access to “A Beginners Guide to Woodturning” – courtesy of the South Auckland Woodturners Guild and a series of simple project sheets from the same source. These will include a spinning top, nut bowl, coin tray, foot roller, and honey dipper. New members will be given an introductory package including the materials mentioned above and other information about the Guild.


The introductory course comprises 10 sessions at a cost of $90.00. This includes the first year subscription to the Guild and accident insurance. It is payable in advance. A full refund will be made only if the new member decides not to proceed after the the trial session to join the introductory course.

Upon completion of the introductory course new members are able continue their weekly tuition at the standard fee of $5.00 per session providing there are places available.

Your tutors look forward to helping you enjoy your new skills and advising you what you might need to purchase by way of a lathe and tools for turning or carving.

9.00 am – noon
David Croucher – 07 846 4554
[email protected]

6.00 pm to 9.00pm
– no class on the 3rd Tuesday of the month
Paul Dangerfield – 07 ‭‭‭853 2259
[email protected]

9.00 am – noon. On the 3rd Wed
Keith Lang demonstrates. All welcome.
Bob Hoyle – 07 847 8434
[email protected]

7.00 pm – 9.00 pm
Rodney Haynes – 07 849 5649
[email protected]

9.00 am – noon
Richard Matthew – 07 856 9285
[email protected]

Carving & wood artwork in hall
11.00 am – 1.30 pm
Hugh Oliver – 07 847 9541
[email protected]

1.00 pm – 4.00 pm
Clive Dyson – 07 829 7256
[email protected]

9.00 am – noon
Walter Smithson – 07 855 6772
[email protected]