Guild News

Our passion is to create memorable items from the wide range of both native and exotic timbers available in New Zealand, and to share our skills with others such as yourself.

From the Chairman

On the 31st of this month we celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Guild. We are planning on it being a very special day. You are all invited and encouraged to come and bring examples of your best work over the years. We will display them all and give you the opportunity to discuss the details. Lets celebrate what a great club we have.

At the October club meeting on Tuesday 20th October we will honour and celebrate the people and activities of our Guild over many years.

With the help of Diego Ribeiro, doing the video and photography, we have recorded the activities of nine of our members with another three to be completed in November.

I have seen some of the photos and stories and have been present with some of the recordings. It has been a real privilege to get an insight into the life stories of our members.

The effort the founding members put in to start the club, plus the refurbishment of the hall and then the extension has enabled the club to have its own facilities. The resulting hall and workshop has made possible many good years of learning and socialising.

In turn that effort and  foresight has allowed the Waikato region to benefit from the expertise of our wood crafting club members.

On Tuesday 20th October, we will have a brief introduction to the videos. We hope to make it a very special night.


Keith Lang Tutoring

On Wednesday mornings Keith is tutoring a new group in the workshop from 9.00 am to noon. He is reviewing the basics of our craft. This meeting is suitable for both beginners and advanced turners.

Tauranga and Kauri Tree Visit –  Saturday 26th September.

We left at 9.00am for Graeme and Mavis Dyer’s place in the Lower Kaimai’s. Graeme started collecting seeds and Kauri seedlings from the greater Pacific some 30 years ago. He now has 15 different varieties within a stand of approximately 200 trees.

We had lunch in the Dyer’s lodge. It is lined with Eucalyptus and is used for accomodating Kiwifruit pickers. The visit was both very enjoyable and educational.

In the afternoon we travelled to Kevin McCardell’s place in Mt Mauganui. Kevin is a commercial carver of significance.

Have a look at his website to get an introduction to his work.

As for our visit, the best way to describe the reaction of most of our members was that it was “jaw dropping” impressive.

Grant Taylor