Guild News – August

Our passion is to create memorable items from the wide range of both native and exotic timbers available in New Zealand, and to share our skills with others such as yourself.

Grant's notes, March 2022

Our meeting will be different this month. We will have a discussion about

  • Your favorite tool or item
  • Your most unusual tool or item
  • A jam chuck you use
  • A tip or idea you would like to share with members
  • A piece of work you would like help with or ideas with

please bring examples and look forward to contributing.

Alfredo will be also present on Tuesday night, if you have a tool or machinery that needs repairs or you want help with, bring it along to get his help


The annual membership subscription is due from the 1st December.

It can be paid directly to the Guild account


please show your name in reference section

Workshop Visits

Check out the Events page for the details of the visits to the Cambridge workshops this Saturday 19th March

A Reminder.

Monday night 14th March is the NAW Zoom at 7pm

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 895 8965 9362
Passcode: Kanuka

Membership subs are now due for NAW at $50.


Working Bee

Saturday 26th March there will be a working bee at Evan Fuller's sheds,

508 Rutherford Road, Orini.

Starting at 9.30 am to cut up timber to be used for wig stand making.

We need your help to sort the timber, cut it , then cart it to another property to store in a shed.

Please contact Grant 0274 929 700 to indicate your help.


The club has just been offered some rough sawn Kauri and Macrocarpa.

A lot of it is in 6m lengths

There is quite a lot of it that is 6” x1” and some 6”x 2” which we intend to use for the wig stand making.

We also need your help to move it to store in a shed north of Gordonton.

If you have a contact that we can borrow a truck would be great.

If not, we will need to cut it and move it with several trailers.

If you are interested in some of this timber, or can help move it, please contact Grant. 0274929700